Meditation: A Course To Pave Your Happiness

Meditation: A Course To Pave Your Happiness

A busy executive took leave to attend a meditation course conducted by a well-known saint. At the end of the course, he told the saint, “Revered Sir, I agree that meditation gives peace of mind. It takes out lots of pressure out of our mind. And you say that I need to do meditation at least one hour daily. Sir, we business executives are very busy people. I am unable to spare one hour for meditation”

The saint replied, “The purpose of meditation is to make your mind pressure-free and pave way for your happiness. If you don’t find time for your happiness, continue to live the miserable life”

Meditation is the best thing that can happen to an individual. Its positive effects are tremendous. It rejuvenates your personality. It totally transforms you. Its ultimate goal is not self improvement, but self-realization, which is a much, much higher level.

Meditation is not done for any resultBut results are ingrained in its vibrations. Don’t have an iota of doubt about it. It makes your body fit. It tunes your mind. It annihilates the demon in you. It establishes divinity within you. Slowly and steadily, it changes your entire thought process for the better. When your thought process is changed, your action process is also changed.

Meditation sets the process to remove all the negative tendencies within you. In this modern materialistic world, we live the life of many pressures. We cry in anguish, we have forgotten the art of crying in joy. We have created numerous scientific appliances to make our life more miserable. Instead of our using the appliances, the appliances do make use of our life.

Meditation is the only alternative to restore the balance in your lifeWhole world including the rich nations of the world has realized that the real road to happiness is through meditation and spiritual exercises. Better late than never

Meditation is the firing of the light missile within youIts range is limitlessIts purpose is dynamic construction, not mindless destruction

The deeper it penetrates, the more beautiful will be your experiences. It will generate more peace of mind

Seeking reverence for meditation, the business executive bowed to the saint and thanked him without a further query.

Biggest Mistake in Your Meditation Practice

Article by Anmol Mehta

I have been practicing meditation now for over 20 years. In these 2 decades plus, I have explored much of the spiritual landscape and discovered many of the profound treasures hidden there. Also, during this time I have made my share of mistakes and seen others make theirs. In this article I want to help you avoid repeating the biggest mistake with regard to establishing a deep and strong daily meditation practice.

It is the mistake of endless procrastination. So let’s understand this detrimental behavior and also, how to change it, so that it can be removed as an obstacle forever.

The Mistake of Procrastination:

Lord Buddha said, “There are only 2 mistakes you can make in life. First mistake is not to take the first step, and the second, is that having taken the first step, to not go all the way.”

I am amazed how few take the first step. Many people who talk and read about religion, spirituality, zen, yoga, meditation, etc. never actually start a personal meditation program. They even come to me and discuss these matters in great detail, but, never get down to doing it. Meditation, in this regard, is just like exercise, you can read every book on fitness, but, until you break a sweat you will have zero benefits.

There are many profound and now medically recognized benefits of meditation. More and more evidence is emerging about how meditation helps reduce stress, cure diseases, increase concentration, enhance brain capacity and improve the quality of your life, but, to enjoy these benefits you need to practice. All the reading and talking in the world will not help, you need to get busy doing it.

Solution to Procrastination:

There are several steps you can take which should help you end the habit of procrastinating your meditation practice and begin. Here are these recommendations for you.

1. Start small: Don’t try to sit in meditation for one hour a day right off the bat. It will simply be too much. Although you initial burst of inspiration may ge t you to do that much at first, it will be very hard to sustain that intensity over the long term. The benefits of meditation are not instantaneous, they are acquired over time so a consistent practice is a must. Therefore, start with what you can easily manage and then build up from there. This will help you enjoy your practice more and also, procrastinate it less.

2. Create a meditation space: Create a small space in your home which you will use for your meditation practice. Keep everything there ready, so it is easy and inviting for you to start your daily session. Place there whatever inspires you and also keep there your cushions etc., so that when it’s time for your practice there is little you have to do in order to get it started. This will go a long way in preventing thoughts the opportunity to dissuade you from getting your daily spiritual work in.

3. Stop procrastinating in general: Procrastination is really a disease. It will delay and prevent you from living your life completely. So, stop this habit, not just in the context of your meditation practice, but in general. Try your very best to do what needs to be done right away without concern for mood. Just move from one activity that requires your attention to the next, answering the call of the moment and you will find yourself building up terrific momentum.

This momentum then will spill over into all aspects of your life, including the most important, your daily meditation practice. The more you do things as soon as the time is right, the more you will find yourself free of the disease of procrastination. Free of this disease, your life will open up, your meditation practice will blossom and you will certainly fulfill your highest destiny.

About the Author

Anmol Mehta is a Yoga & Meditation expert.

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Yoga: Meditation and exercise

Article by Marisa

Yoga is a traditional physical and mental exercise in the Indian origin. The same word is used in other religions such as Buddhism and Jainism in association with different physical exercises. Yoga is a word derived from the Sanskrit language meaning contemplation. A yoga practitioner or follower at a high level is called a Yogi.

Yoga is an exercise which is divided into three different classes. These are hatha yoga, power yoga and bikram yoga. Hatha yoga is the most popular style of yoga being practiced by a majority of people throughout the world. Power yoga is an enhanced form of yoga including somewhat aerobic style. The third type is less used and its use is to increase detoxification by performing yoga in some heated room.

Some more types of yoga are iyenger and ashtanga yoga designed for aerobic and conscious fitness person.

Start yoga with stretching to warm up your body but make sure you don’t eat for two hours before practice. Chose a simple pose like lotus pose for beginning. In this pose you have to put your feet on top of your thighs. If this is too difficult then get into half lotus pose in which you just have to put your legs in a cross and sit. Another easy pose is a peaceful pose. In this pose you just have to lie down and take deep breaths to make you calm. Other poses for stress-relieve and mind peace include the Cat and Cow pose in which you put knees on ground and curl head into your chest. Yoga is all about practice, so keep practicing until it gets fine.

Regular practitioners have a certain special thing about them. They are mostly happy, active and remain healthy. This is the glow of yoga which is really beneficial for everyone, whether it is practitioner or someone around them. Their happiness and liveliness produces the same in people in their surroundings.

To achieve the best out of yoga some simple steps and exercises can be done. These are some tips to give you an easy start without fatigue and a happy end. One accessory for your ease is a yoga s trip.

A yoga strip helps you to get into the toughest positions of yoga quiet comfortably in which you require a lot of flexibility which unfortunately, you don’t have. It can be used to connect both the arms together and in many other positions. Another accessory for ease in yoga is Bolsters. They are long pillows filled with cotton. The purpose of bolsters is to give a support to your tummy and back while you are practicing yoga. There are certain bolsters in different shapes which can help you get into pose that requires a lot of strength. They can also be used as a support for your knees while you rest.

A number of verified courses in yoga are offered in different organizations which help you to keep yourself mentally and physically fit. Other than this some yoga courses are also offered on the internet.

About the Author

Marisa isĀ an yoga enthusiast

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8 Requirements for Meditating Like a Zen Monk

Article by Anmol Mehta

Meditation is without a doubt one of the most beneficial activities you can do as a human. Just some of the benefits of meditation include increased peace, joy, compassion, health, intelligence and awareness. So what does it take to develop your expertise in meditation? Below are the 8 requirements that are necessary in order to meditate deeply like a zen monk.

8 Requirements to Meditate Like a Zen Monk

1. Passion:

This is requirement number 1. You must have great passion for spirituality and spiritual evolution in order to give this great science the attention it needs. Without passion, it will be hard to master such a subtle art, but if you are passionate about meditation, half the battle is won right there.

2. Adequate Intelligence:

Ultimately, to master meditation you will have to learn to watch your thoughts very carefully and comprehend them via direct perception from moment to moment. Don’t be intimidated by how that sounds. In general, the human being has this inherent capacity, although it is only developed by a few of us.

3. Courage:

Meditation, can be defined in many ways and one way to look at it, is as a process of letting go. This letting go, also means being open to the unknown, which requires courage and heart. It is easy to stay within the safety of your seeking, but to drop seeking, means to be totally open and vulnerable to what life has to offer. This is the essence of courage.

4. Self-Confidence:

This is closely related to courage above and is also almost as important. Finally, the journey back to the Source is a road walked alone. Teachers, gurus, guardian angles, spirit guides, etc, etc, can only take you so far. Finally, you have to cross the bridge, into the now, all by your lonesome. In addition, each journey to awakening is unique, which means you will have to trust yourself in finding your own way. Believe in yourself, rely on your intelligence and inner voice, and you will be fine.

5. Urgency:

If you wa nt to be a Rafael Nadal of meditation, you can’t be postponing starting or doing your daily spiritual work. Procrastinating your meditation practice, means you are putting on hold developing your real human potential.

6. Health:

A certain degree of good health is needed to meditate well. You do not have to be Bruce Lee, but for effective meditation you do need energy for which a healthy system is important. Don’t be discouraged though if your health is not is tip-top shape, just embrace your spiritual practice as best as you can, as that itself will help your body heal and rejuvenate.

7. Humor:

Yup, a good sense of humor will not only get you many dates, it will also get you through some tough phases you are sure to encounter on your spiritual journey. Being able to laugh at these situations and your petty little mind will go a long way in helping you stay sane on this roller coaster like journey.

8. Basic Needs:

This may not occur to many of us who live relatively wealthy lives, at least relative to the world poverty line, but let me tell you that it would be very difficult to devote yourself to mastering meditation, if you and/or your children were hungry and cold. So food, clothing and shelter, which is basically all you really need to survive, are also prerequisites to becoming a champion meditator.


Without a doubt, the rewards of meditation far exceed any material pleasures. In fact, the true purpose of life which is to discover God, is ultimately fulfilled by those who undertake and master this highest of all spiritual sciences.

About the Author

Anmol Mehta is a Yoga & Meditation master. His Free Guided Meditations website offers the ultimate Meditation Techniques Guide and Kundalini Yoga Poses & Exercises e-books and videos.

How to Increase Concentration Level with Yoga and Meditation

Article by Jeet Kumar

The word Concentration means ‘withdrawing the mind from many thoughts and putting it on a single thought at a time.’ Usually, human mind try to do multiple tasks at a time. This multi-tasking costs in lower level of concentration. Though people use various techniques and methods to increase the level of concentration but since antiquity yoga and meditation has been practiced as the best way in this regard. Meditation is a practice of contemplation. Sitting quietly in a noiseless place, attempting to take the mind into a deeper level of concentration by relaxing it and focusing on a single point, is what meditation is all about. Meditation, practiced with meditation music, ensures the best result as the soothing tunes of the music help to calm and relax the mind.

For a mindfulness meditation, the meditator has to sit silently and comfortably in a noiseless place, focusing on a single object or even a single process. Observing one’s own breath or chanting a particular monosyllabic mantra can be a good way of starting meditation. Sit straight and upright without a support and relax the body. Next, control your breath and breathe slowly but evenly. Once the breathing is perfect, deeply concentrate at the point between the two eyebrows. In this stage one needs to keep the mind focused and the energy internalized. Feel the peace gradually generated by this practice. At the very beginning one can meditate for five minutes and then increase it with times. As this meditation is largely a spiritual practice, end it with some soulful divine music or prayer. For this one can play a soothing yoga DVD offered at Spirit Voyage. Spirit Voyage, an online music company, offers a good number of meditation music or yoga music CDs and DVDs for yoga or meditation purpose.

Regular practicing of meditation ensures a highly increased level of concentration. Same goes for yoga practicing. Yoga is the art and philosophy of uniting human mind, body and soul by practicing various physical exercises like asana and pranaya ma. Asana means yoga postures or poses and pranayama means breathing exercises. From the ancient ages, yoga has been in practice to attain a higher state of self-awareness where one can control his mind, body and soul. Different yoga forms like Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, Karma yoga or Bhakti yoga, all aim at the attainment of ultimate goal of moksha. Thus, practicing yoga is a proven method of increasing the level of concentration by binding the mind, body and soul in a single chord. To get the best result, one can incorporate a little bit of yoga music in the yoga practicing session.

One can browse through the latest collection of various yoga or spiritual music DVDs and yoga DVDs offered by Spirit Voyage and pick up the best suitable yoga DVD to enhance the mood of meditation. 1000 Years and Beyond or Mind and Meditation (4 DVD Set) by Yogi Bhajan, The Awakening by Donna Amrita Davidge are few among those DVDs which will help the practitioner to connect his own soul with the divine soul or Paramatma. Apart from this CDs and DVDs on different forms like Kundalini yoga or Ashtanga yoga are also available. The soothing and melodious voices of the renowned spiritual singers like Snatam Kaur, Wah, Donna De Lorry and others lend their pure voices in these albums. The blissful tunes are sure to fill up the air with divine purity, thus leading one to a deeper level of concentration.

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The author writes of Spirit Voyage which is engaged in offering various kinds of yoga DVDs and soulful meditation

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