An Explanation Of The Various Types Of Yoga

Article by Andrew Holtom

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Most people are under the misconception that there is only one style of yoga. This is, however, not true. There are many different types of Yoga that are commonly practiced around the world. The four largest types of Yoga are the following styles: Bikram, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini and Hatha. These will be the most common Yoga styles that you will be able to find in your local gyms or wellness centers. We’re quickly going to cover the different aspects of each of these styles and their alternative benefits.

Bikram Yoga: Bikram is slightly more different than the other types of Yoga. The Yoga is practiced in a room that has been heated to 105 Degrees. This idea is practiced because people believe that the muscles will become loose and that the sweat will help cleanse the body. By cleansing the body it is getting rid of any symptoms of disease and even helping cure chronic pain. However, since you are straining your body under these conditions, it’s critical that you speak to a physician before starting this type of Yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga: Ashtanga is also known in the Yoga circles as Power Yoga. This is the type of Yoga that is used to help you build endurance and strength. They are usually very aggressive workouts and you need to be able to move quickly from one pose to another pose. There is little to no emphasis on meditation with this particular style of Yoga. The only time you try out this sort of workout is when you want to challenge yourself with something physically demanding.

Hatha Yoga: Hatha Yoga has long been considered the most practiced type of Yoga performed in the United States. It is the style that is most recommended to beginners. It is generally a very gentle practice of smooth and calculated poses. These poses are also known as asanas. Hatha Yoga is recommended if you want to learn how to stretch and slowly work your muscles. It helps get your body into the right balance and alignment. Hatha also helps relieve stress and hig h blood pressure.

Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini Yoga is the type of yoga that strongly uses rapid movements. This is done with an emphasize on poses and breathing, mediating and chanting. This type of Yoga definitely has a more spiritual feel to it. It focuses on balancing the inner energy of your body. Kundalini is much more challenging than Hatha Yoga and is not recommended for complete beginners.

If you’re looking into getting into Yoga then consider these different types of Yoga before picking a specific class. If you’re gym or local Yoga class doesn’t say what style they ask – go and ask. It won’t harm to know which specific style you are practicing. Make sure that you find the right class or DVD of the specific type Yoga Styles you want. All of these Yoga styles have the same benefits but they all focus on helping you achieve different goals.

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Yoga Styles for Sports Persons – Importance of Breathing and Poses

Article by Raphael Wettenstein

Yoga Styles for Sports Persons – Importance of Breathing and PosesYoga is a great home fitness workout that benefits everyone. It works for people of all ages. The latest addition to the Yoga world is the sports community.

Yes, now a large number of sportsmen are practicing Yoga as it benefits them through many ways. Yoga has become their ultimate choice to mend their body variations and boost their performance in the ground.

Yoga benefits every sportsmen belonging to sports like baseball, football, tennis, basketball or any other sport.

The Yoga fitness workout is known for creating a great balance between the mind and body and this great feature helps the sportsmen improve their performance heavily. The balancing poses like the standing, stretching and twisting poses helps resolve the bodily imbalance problem. The integration of body and mind with the breathing techniques works effectively for building strength and endurance in the athletes. Yoga brings sharpens the intuition of the sportsmen that helps them with their sport. There is a great importance of Yoga for sportsmen.

It is said that proper respiration is very important for any person engaged in sports, but not every sportsperson is aware of this fact. Yoga improves the respiration system and thus improves their overall performance.

Yoga is much easy workout program compared to the weight training and complicated aerobic workouts. Yoga benefits a sportsperson with balance, more strength and flexibility. Yoga gives them a clear focus with high alertness that helps them in the competitive world of sports.There are different types of yoga exercises and breathing techniques that correct the imbalance problems of the sportsmen and help them with correct breathing.

The Yoga styles for sports persons work as a resistance training for the sportsmen. Yoga is a relaxed and easy workout that does not require any kind of fitness equipment. More and more athletes are now turning to the Yoga fitness workout as they know ve ry well about the benefit of yoga styles for sportsman.

Yoga improves the swing movements for the sports like tennis and golf. It increases the flexibility in the muscles and joints. The importance of Yoga for sportsmen is really very high as it takes care of all the aspects of their mental and physical health.

Yoga works as a catalyst in the sports and gives a sportsman that extra edge that they always wanted to compete against their competitor.

The Yoga styles for sports persons coordinate the breath and the movements of a person. It helps for stretching and strengthening the muscles and makes them stronger and prevents strains. This is a great benefit of yoga styles for sportsman.

Yoga is the only one exercise regimen that can give you the benefits of all the different types of workouts that you currently do like – jogging, cycling, running, and swimming etc-etc. It works for your whole body and tones and strengthens the muscles of all body areas like back, neck, shoulders, hips, hands, legs and even ankles and elbows.

The deep breathing techniques of Yoga supplies fresh oxygen to the cells in the body and release energy. The increased flexibility and strength in the muscle groups makes the sportsmen or athletes less prone to injuries. This is another benefit of yoga styles for sportsman.

Golf is a sport in which the player is highly prone to the uneven muscle development in the body because they swing in a direction with the same muscle groups again and again. Yoga cures this problem effectively. The different Yoga postures stretch the muscles and eases out the tension build in them. The standing poses in Yoga are very useful for improving the balance and flexibility in a Golfer.

Cycling is a sport that involves constant back pain. Stiffness in the back is a common thing among cyclists when they bend over the cycle handle for long period of time. The Yoga stretching poses work efficiently for relieving the pain in back and it also works for the stiffness in t he shoul ders and the legs.

There are many great benefits of the Yoga styles for sports persons. With Yoga a sportsman gets a balance, focus, attention, mobility, flexibility with high energy and stamina that is highly required to defeat their opponents.

It really does not matter which sport you are into, Yoga works for all sports. It improves your performance and makes you an achiever.So, do not forget to incorporate the Yoga fitness workout into your sports training. You will definitely benefit with the Yoga styles for sports persons.

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