Tarot Significantly Enhances Meditation

Article by Chris Robertson

The Tarot and meditation go hand in hand. Both are tools that enable us to access the subconscious and the higher self, as well as acquire knowledge and information from our guides and the Universe. The Tarot can be used to facilitate a focused (or guided) meditation and is a valuable tool for gaining insight into the subtle messages received during meditation. Or, for someone just learning the Tarot, meditation is an excellent method for discovering the deeper meaning of the cards. There are several ways to choose a Tarot card for meditation. You may choose a card randomly, allowing the Tarot — and the Universe — to guide your meditation, or you can select a specific card on which to meditate. You can also choose randomly among Spanish cards that represent specific topics or issues on which you wish to meditate, thus combining the two by allowing the Universe to guide you in an area you choose. Finally, there are decks available that specifically combine Zen, Tao, and even Christian faiths with Tarot, if that is more to your liking.If you are choosing a card to represent a specific topic or issue, you’ll need to have some knowledge of the different energies and life experiences each suit represents. Cups represent the energy of water: emotions, feelings, love, friendship, and joy. Wands represent the energy of fire: enthusiasm, enterprise, action, struggle, and optimism. Swords represent the energy of air: intellect, logic, conflict, frustration, and control. Pentacles represent the energy of earth: work, money, health, relationships, and the fruits of our labor.For instance, to attract marriage or a close committed relationship, you could choose The Lovers, the Two of Cups, the Ten of Pentacles, the Four of Wands, or all of them. For a meditation to gain insight into a health problem you could choose the Hermit, The Chariot, and/or the Five of Pentacles. For a career change you may choose The World, The Fool, the Ace of Pentacles, or all three.Prepare for your meditation as you normally would : candle s, incense, comfortable chair, or just focused breathing. As you feel yourself beginning to relax, consider the card, topic, or issue of your meditation. Then choose the card or cards that you will use as the focus of your meditation and place the card(s) in front of you face up, or hold them in your hand – whichever feels comfortable. Take a little time to study the card(s), the colors, the images, and the life experiences represented. Think about what the card or card(s) symbolize(s) to you. When you feel ready to move to the next step, close your eyes while keeping your focus on the card(s), and open your mind to new insight and understanding.It may be helpful to write about the subject of your meditation and the card(s) you have chosen. Then, when you have completed the meditation, write about your new insight and understanding. Keeping a meditation diary may prove to be a very valuable reference for future meditations, for therapy, or even for astrology readings.

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