The Benefits of Tantra Yoga

Article by Padma Yip

Tantra yoga is one of the many different types of yoga practiced today through which both body and mind are enlightened.

The Origin of Yoga

Yoga originated in India where sacred Hindu saints practiced it in order to achieve nirvana. It is exercise that works with your mind to control your senses and muscles. There are four main types of yoga:

• Karma yoga• Bhakti yoga• Jnana yoga• Raja yoga

The Upanishads, Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and Bhagavad Gita are important Hindu texts establishing the basis of yoga.

Tantra Yoga

Many people criticize Tantra yoga as being too erotic and sexual, making it one of the most controversial yoga exercises. In reality, this cannot be further from the truth.

The Sanskrit definition of ‘tantra’ is ‘woven together’. It has been used loosely in several divergent and even contradictory schools of Hindu yoga. The major stand of Hindu tantra yoga centers on meditation. However, in the tantra yoga practiced most often by Westerners some sexual rituals are conducted featuring slow, non-orgasmic intercourse as a prelude to an experience of eternal bliss.

Tantra yoga practiced by sacred Hindu spiritual people is a form in which one tries to get control over one’s mind, body and senses to the point where one can control his sexual desires and achieve sexual satisfaction through the power of his mind.

Yoga Tips

To practice yoga, you should have the following:

• An exercise mat.• Loose and comfortable clothes.• Water to prevent you from dehydrating.• A block of wood the size of a phone book – or a phone book in case you cannot get such a block. This will help you greatly in your exercise.

When practicing yoga make sure to allot at least 20 minutes per session in order to achieve noticeable benefits.

Yoga is a very complex set of exercises. If you are a beginner, you should not practice yoga without supervision. Yoga is meant to work with your inner power to shield your body from disease s and st ress.

Once you learn to control your senses, you no longer will be consumed by the daily hassles that come your way. Rather you will deal with them efficiently and without stress.

Yoga is practiced widely around the world, as many find its practice to have huge benefits overall. Try it yourself by enrolling in a yoga class today.

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