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Buddhists do not require a lot of apparel and accessories for their practise but a few items are essential. For the Buddhist, these Meditation needs ensures that the practitioner is warm, comfortable and has a bag to carry their alter accessories. These items can be obtained through the purchase of a meditation shawl, a meditation belt and a dharma bag. With these three items combined, any Buddhist is well on his or her way to having their basic meditation needs, for their religious practice.

Basic Buddhist Meditation Items

There are many high quality items available for prayer and meditation but for the Buddhist that is just beginning on the path there are three essential items to get started with:

1. Mediation Shawl

The meditation shawl ensures that even during very early morning prayers and throughout the changing of seasons, warmth and comfort will always be attainable. To truly be able to reach a state of enlightenment through meditation, one has to be comfortable and happy. A 100% woollen shawl is a great choice for cooler temperatures and the hand spun, high quality wool guarantees a shawl that will last.

Another meditation shawl option is one made from a poly cotton blend. These meditation shawls are lighter than their woollen counterparts and perfect for cool mornings, and nights throughout the summer.

2. Meditation Belt

When a Buddhist begins learning mediation he or she is often surprised by how physically difficult maintaining an upright posture can be. Not being used to sitting straight for long periods of time may cause back aches and extreme discomfort. A meditation belt helps by enhancing and correcting posture, and giving the student the ability to maintain their mediation longer, thus reducing distraction and further freeing the mind.

This item is considered essential for any Buddhist, whether it’s a new student, or a long-time devotee to the path of enlightenment.

3. Dharma Bag

The dharma bag is very useful for travell ing with alter items, mala beads, or bell sets. The dharma bag can also be used for everyday commuting. It’s a comfortable “across the body” bag that is made from superior cotton, providing durability for anyone from Buddhists on-the-go, to teens that like the look of these down to earth and stylish bags.

Buddhists can enhance their meditation with meditation shawls to stay comfortable and warm. The meditation belt is an absolute necessity for reducing pain and improving posture during mediation and finally, the Dharma bag provides a handy satchel for both men and women that can be used to transport small meditation items, or used by the everyday style-conscious individual. With these items, Buddhists will have a more enjoyable and relaxed mediation practice, which will enhance their overall satisfaction with their religious journey.

Tibet Arts provides mediation shawls, meditation belts, Dharma bags and a wide variety of accessories for every Buddhist’s mediation needs. The store sells their products both individually and at wholesale prices. For more information, or to view a catalogue of their items visit, Tibetarts.

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