The Most Basic of Meditation

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The most beautiful thing about the outcome is that all needed solutions and ideas will come on their own, some straight away, some later. What you are gaining above everything else is your connection with the Universe and Its promise to serve you; all you have to do is to surrender to Its power, calm your hectic mind and start trusting which is only natural to achieve in meditating state. In my journey. I have come across many definitions and understandings of meditation. Meditation has been liken to witnessing the rising of the sun or observing the sea on a calm and clear day. You sit still and see beyond the horizon, see the sun brighten up a grey and wet morning and in that state grasp a glimpse of your true potential.

Meditation is that perfect state. That amazing balance of beauty, BALANCE and bliss. It wasn’t until I started meditating that I learned it was even possible…and to be honest with you, even finding the WORDS to describe the beautiful benefits of a regular meditative practice is difficult. This step in mindfulness meditation can be difficult for many. The idea is to practice non resistance. With this we mean that if you stub your toe for example you should let the pain pass through you and it will quickly dissipate. What most people do is give the pain complete attention and tense there body.

The next meditation technique is Mantra Meditation. Mantra Meditation is where you say a word such as ohm over and over in your mind. In Mantra Meditation the word acts like a vehicle that takes you to a state of no thought. When repeating the mantra or word it is very common for the mind to drift off into other thoughts. One of the most popular meditation chimes sold today is this hand-pounded bronze Zen gong known as the “Chau Gong”. The Chau gong is 13.75″ in diameter and 30″ long. Gongs like this are used throughout Asia to signal the beginning and end of morning Zen. Now you can enjoy the special sound of this Zen gong in your home or garden. Hand-hammered out of bronze, it is a ccented by black ash wood and comes with a rubber mallet.

In eyes-open meditation (the ‘open gaze’ of Zen for instance), good attention holds the eyes still. This creates a fixed retinal image that uses up photo pigment (as in exposing photographic film), causing visual distortion in the form of light. Thus light has a physical cause, and more important, you produce it. Beginning is very important. It is the root.

Do not go anywhere, be with the Beginning. Your whole body is blissful. each and every part is important- when in meditation, mediate through your whole body. It will vibrate, allow it to vibrate, do not try to stop it. On the contrary – become the vibration. No matter how you choose to learn how to meditate, keep an open mind and consider all your options. Go for the solution which will help you achieve the best results from your meditation.

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The most beautiful thing about the outcome is that all needed solutions and ideas will come on their own, some straight away, some later.

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