The Practical Side of Meditation

Article by Mary Ellen Flora

For many people, meditation brings up images of someone sitting in a strange physical position and chanting incomprehensible words. While this image represents one aspect of meditation, meditation is not just about body postures or mantras. Meditation is for enhancing your entire life, including your work, relationships, communication and all aspects of your creativity.

Meditation can help you increase your energy, improve your health and focus your attention. All of these things can help you be more creative and productive. When you practice meditation as a part of your daily health and well-being program, you add a new vitality to everything in your life. All it takes is 30 minutes a day to bring a higher energy into your life.

Many will ask: Where do I find 30 minutes a day to meditate? You can begin with 10 minutes and build on that. You can take the first 10 minutes to meditate about a good time for you to give to yourself. Giving yourself a quiet time to turn within and reflect on you, your creations and your relationship with the big picture can vastly change the way you live your life. You may discover greater meaning to what you do or the courage to change your life so you can do what you wish.

Meditation helps you slow down, let go of everyone else’s agenda, gain perspective of your issues, and get control of your emotions. The clarity you gain helps you focus on what is important to you. You emerge from your meditation with a simpler, clearer view of life and the focus to help you move forward with ease.

Meditation can be used to help you focus on your spiritual nature as well as any aspect of your life. You can meditate on a business issue, a communication challenge, a relationship or a creative project. By turning within to yourself, you will discover your unique answers. You will stimulate and validate your intuitive abilities and be better able to make sound and effective decisions. Meditation saves a great deal of time and increases productivity by helping you rele ase unnecessary problems and emotions and to create a clear, grounded focus.

You need information about how to meditate to use meditation effectively. Some powerful tools that can help you create the quiet experience of meditation are grounding and centering. These tools are easy to use. They can be used in daily life, as well as during meditation. Grounding is the foundation of a practical meditation because it helps you be in charge of your body and your creativity. Your body is like an electrical system and needs to be grounded just as other electrical systems do. That foundation, your grounding cord, makes you more in charge, stable, safe and focused.

Centering allows you to put your focus in neutral. This puts you above the emotional pull of your body. This neutral, non-judgemental view of life is of great value in any life situation, from family relationships to making clear business decisions. This neutral perspective gives you a mastery over your emotions so you are not so influenced by emotions.

Meditation is practical because it heals you and brings you to life. You are here to live a full, healthy life and meditation is an important ingredient in any formula for living. Learn to be focused, relaxed and in charge by turning within with meditation to discover your strengths and capabilities.




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