The Reason Why Meditation Doesn’t Work

Article by Michael McGrath

You may be surprised at my comment that meditation does not work but really have you ever tried it? For most people it is just impossible to do

Much research, in the scientific field, points to the fact that meditation can; make you healthier (both emotionally and physically), make you look younger, bolster the immune system, help you recover faster after operations, reduce stress, help you to live longer, remove past emotional issues and alter negative beliefs.

So how can I say that meditation does not work?

I can say this not because meditation never works but, unfortunately, because meditation does not work for the vast majority of usWhy is this?

Well the answer to the question “why does mediation not work?” is simple

Meditation doesn’t work for most of us because they haven’t spent many, many years learning how to do it and practising itIf you have ever tried to meditate then you know just how difficult it can be. Just relaxing your body can prove to be a challenge. You get itchy, want to move about and feel restless. If you were successful in the initial stages of meditation and managed to relax yourself completely, you then must still the mind or remain focused on on ethought for the duration. It is almost impossible.

So, is there a way to gain all the benefits of meditation without the drawbacks? The answer is a “Yes”

Through a process called brain entrainment, that uses binaural beats, you can easily enter into a state of meditation easily and within minutes.

In Germany, in 1839, an Associate Professor, at the University of Berlin, made a discovery that was to have tremendous impact on us today. Something almost miraculous occurs when two seperate tones that are different only in frequency are used. One tone enters the left ear while the other enters the right ear and this is where the magic begins. The two tones, when mixed together in the brain, create the illusion of binaural beats. These beats force the brain to produce brainwaves at very specific frequencies.

Even though the existence of binaural beats was known in the 1800s it was not until 1973 that Dr. Gerald Oster discovered how they could affect the brain of the listener. Oster learned that when these binaural beats are used in specific ways different brain states can be induced.

The significance of how these binaural beats work becomes really interesting when we look at some experiments that were conducted using very experienced meditators and EEG machines which measure brainwave activity. It was found that during deep states of meditation these people displayed Alpha, Theta and even Delta brainwaves. All brainwave states have an affect on the body. There are specific physical states assosiated with specific brainwaves.

By using binaural beats through headphones, Oster discovered that he could create beta, alpha, theta or delta brainwaves depending on the frequency of the binaural beats usedWhen binaural beats, that were created at an aplha frequency, were played the listener began to display alpha brainwaves. The same was true for Theta and Delta. When the desired brainwaves are produced, using the binaural beats, the physical states assosiated with these brainwaves are also produced.

Therefore, through the use of binaural beats, it is now possible to duplicate the mental and physical effects of deep meditation. To take advantage of the power of meditation all you need to do is sit or lie down, close your eyes, pop on your headphones and turn on your binaural beats recording

So, if you are one of the majority of people who cannot make meditation work, then simply use some binaural beats and save yourself at least a decade of practise

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