The Ultimate Result of Practicing Proper Meditation Techniques

Article by Lily Candice

A large number of people worldwide are beginning to realize the benefits of proper meditation – the freeing of the mind from clutter into a place of peace and love for all beings and things. This murky mindset oftentimes leads to or aggravates health issues, which is why it is important to embrace good Meditation Techniques as the individual seeks to remove herself from wrong and dangerous conditioning. Meditation techniques differ from place to place; however, there are a number of meditation techniques that are common to most schools of meditation, a heritage of India.

It is very important to note however that a good meditation technique is not all that will be required to practice meditation properly, efficiently and effectively. The student of meditation must come with the strong and decisive conviction that she really wants to be free from the unwanted baggage and clutter that has hitherto blocked her being able to enjoy the love and happiness that is actually achievable in living. It is when the student has a great desire to overcome that a proper meditation technique will be able to help her achieve the seemingly impossible. This first step towards freedom can be reached when the individual begins to realize the futility of other means and becomes aware of the self awareness he will be able to achieve by embracing meditation using ideal meditation techniques.

The meditation techniques employed at Z Meditation include mostly deep deconditioning techniques and the use of radiant mantras. These meditation techniques are mostly taught at their retreat in a small town in the Himalayas, or through online meditation courses. To the beginner however, there are some basic practices that may be practiced that will get the individual ready for the period of retreat or online study. These simple meditation techniques may be practiced almost anywhere, the continuous doing of which will amaze the student in how much of changes she will observe in her well-being.

One of the more common meditati on techniques involves sitting in the crossed leg position, or even sitting in a chair. The important thing is that the head, neck and back should be in a straight, upright position to allow for a clear mind. In this position, the student should concentrate on his breathing, both in and out, while consciously putting the normal turmoil in his mind into the background. This meditation technique may be difficult at first with the student finding herself drifting back into bothersome thoughts. But as the student perseveres in concentrating on the rhythm of the breathe, she gains a peace that allows clearer thoughts and prepares her for more intense meditation techniques.

The ultimate result of practicing proper meditation techniques may be likened to the waters of a lake. When there is turmoil, the waters are muddy and unclear, and one cannot see through it. However, when the waters are calm, the murk and dirt will settle and the lake becomes clear to the view. The correct meditation techniques, practiced diligently, will clear the murk and dirt from your mind, allowing the mind to embrace purer, noble thoughts instead of dwelling on the mundane.

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