Theta Meditation – A Brilliant form of Meditation

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The human brain is the only organ that makes our entire body mechanism work according to its own wish. Providing plentiful of rest and relaxation to the human mind keeps us happy and relaxed whereas letting it work throughout day and night can simply shatter its working capacities. Therefore, rest and repose is a must for the human body. Well, people go for artificial pills and medication to get relief from the pangs of daily life. It’s certainly not a good option since one should always take up natural therapies. Meditation for instance is a pretty good option that can assure to keep you miles from tensions and anxieties. Another stunning option is theta meditation that directly enters your subconscious mind and nurtures the inner recesses of mind to a huge extent.

What is Theta Meditation?

Now, if you are willing to go for theta meditation, you must know its working process. Theta refers to the brainwave of slow paced frequency and its cycle rate ranges from 4 to 7 Hz. The working of the theta wave is efficient only when you are in a state of relaxation. The theta waves after connecting to the subconscious mind enhance the melatonin and serotonin level. These are nothing but hormonal chemicals that play a key role curing depression and thereby improve mental conditions.

Benefits of Theta Meditation

theta meditation is the latest and the most effective meditation technique that comes with a long list of advantages. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of theta meditation:

Releasing Stress – Relaxation is the only way-out that can keep you fit and strong throughout the entire day. Theta meditation is the best option for releasing stress.

Increase energy levels – The more you gain energy, the more you sleep well. Hence, theta meditation is the ideal option to get rid of sleeping issues.

Sharpening Memory – Theta meditation communicates your subconscious mind and helps you retrieve long term memories. Students can highly benefit from thet a medita tion and can even bring improvements in their career standards.

Tips for Beginners to Meditate

Those who are new to meditation can always go for theta meditation. However, it’s advisable to start with the easy meditation techniques and then switch to complex forms of meditation. The first beginner meditation tip is to look for a calm and quiet place where one can meditate with concentration. Your baby’s room is certainly not the right place to meditate. Therefore, you can choose your own bed room or a lonely park that can help you concentrate and nurture the inner recesses of your mind.

Breathing is the second beginner meditation tip. In fact, there cannot be any efficient alternative to breathing. The more you breathe, the better you concentrate. In fact, the negative thoughts dwelling in your mind will all be substituted by positive ones and you will once again feel the urge to work and perform better.

Posture is another crucial tip of beginner meditation. If your posture goes wrong, you will never be able to meditate. Sit back straight, close your eyes and start concentrating on any object or thought.

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