What is the truth behind meditation

Article by Joel Skipper

This is a common question, and there are many different answers to the question.

The word meditation is looked for in google 1,800,000 times every month, that is 60,000 searcheseach day. If you Google the question, you will get many different answers. There are so many different answers tothe same question, because most of the people answering the question don’t understand what Meditation is.

I apologize if I offended someone by that comment, but it is true, I know because I am constantly searching to find ways to deepen my practice.

Meditation when done correctly is life changing, it is so powerful that it’ll literally change your life forever. Trust me if you have not experience this you don’t know what meditation is. Most people that try to learn how to meditate, are doing it for the benefits that they’ve heard about like; reducing stress, having the ability to control your emotions, being able to heal yourself, and the list goes on and on. The problem with learning meditation with these goals in mind, is that each one of these are side effects of going into deep Meditation, and since your goal is the side effect you will never go deep enough into Meditation to feel the true awe inspiring power of Meditation, which gives you the side effects you are looking for.

I apologize if that was a little complicated for some beginners, but stay with me, and keep reading my blogs. You will start to understand more and more, and when I actually teach you how to meditate you’ll understand all this trust me, it is so worth it. It is hard to explain to someone, that has never experince deep meditation, what exactly it is It is like me trying to explain what a mango taste like, to someone who has never tasted the sweet tart juices. But none the less I will do my best to explain it to you.

First Meditation is not an action, you can’t do Meditation. You can’t sit down and meditate. Meditation is a state of being, it is the state of being totally present within the here and now, oh yeah that ever elusive present moment.

Meditation that most people teach is really techniques, and exercises to lead you into meditation.

Where as this is the correct answer to; what is Meditation, I know it leaves you with a since of longing, like the answer was not really answered. So I will describe to you what it’s like to be in the here and now, so you can get a better picture. Now first you have got to understand, in order for me to explain it to you, I’ve got to break it up into somewhat of a time line, but when I’m in Meditation this happens instantly all at the same time. So sit down, and strap yourselves in,because we are going for a ride boys and girls. When I’m in meditation, I’m aware of my whole body. From my kidneys and liver, all the way right down to the really small ones like your pituitary, and pineal glands in your head. I’m aware of all my bones, along with my muscles, tendons, and so on. I’m aware of my energy centers, or chakras if you wish to call them that, and my energy channels, or meridians. I become aware of things outside my body like; the ground, the things in my room, people, animals, trees, plants the air. Everything around me, and I can take this has far out as I wish, meaning I can feel the entire planet, the moon, other planets, the sun, and stars. All this at the same time. No, this isn’t a visualization. To visualize means you are seeing pictures in your head.

Everything feels as if they are inside me, the Mango tree outside my bedroom feels just like one of my arms.

The feeling is indescribable, the pleasure, and sheer ecstasy is beyond what words can describe. I did a survey, a couple years ago, about what was peoples most enjoyable experience. Most people about 80% said sex or making love, the other 20% said various answers from, the first time they looked into the eyes of someone they love, to when they were on vacation and was hiking in a very beautiful place. Trust me this blows all of them out of the water. Now imagine being in this state of being and doing these other things at the same time, like making love or being really connect to the people you care about. Yeah know that is what I’m talking about. I’ll explain a few more things, to wrap this up for you. First everything you can see and touchis made of energy. Along with everything you can’t see, and touch like radio waves, light waves, emotions, thoughts, and the air you breath. What provides you with the ability to be connected to everything is your ability to feel energy, and this is done with your consciousness, your awareness. So the reason you don’t feel connected is because you don’t have enough awareness built up.

Building your consciousness, your awareness is the key that unlocks this magical door for you to experience what is right in front of you already. This is the true power of Meditation, you desire to change your life, build your consciousness. There is absolutely nothing more important than building your awareness.

About the Author

Joel Skipper has been studying meditation from masters around the world for the past 15 years. He has been teaching for the past 10 years, and has taught 1000’s of people how to change their life through the power of deep meditation.

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