What kind of music can you use for meditation?

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Meditation is a highly rewarding stress relaxation technique. It is also highly empowering. Through meditation, you automatically enter a state of mind that is completely calm, peaceful and relaxed. When the mind relaxes, the body automatically follows. As a result, you reach a state of complete physical and mental harmony.

There are various ways in which you can reach a state of meditation. You can do it through prayer. In fact, it is believed that this was the earliest form of meditation. You can also meditate by doing yoga, Tai Chi or by sitting cross-legged on the ground in an atmosphere that is conducive to meditation. However, one of the easiest ways to achieve this state of mind is through music.

From ancient times, man has been highly sensitive to the effect of music. Music can easily transport you from your physical circumstances to a different world. For example, listening to Rock can make you more alert and active. At the same time, Country Blues may make you pensive and sad. Thus music can directly influence our minds.

The best kind of music which you can use for meditation is the kind that brings you into greater harmony with the vibrations of the universe. The logic is clear. You already know that meditation is possible in an atmosphere that is calm and relaxed. So when you are trying to create a particular kind of atmosphere, the tempo of the music that you choose must be suitable to that kind of atmosphere. Music for meditation must contain tranquil and soothing sounds. It must induce peace and relaxation in you.

The best kind of music for meditation is a matter of personal choice. Whether you like the sound of a waterfall or the harmonious strains of a violin, the appropriate meditation music is available on CDs. The Internet makes it possible for you to buy appropriate meditation music on CDs. Popular music shops may also contain a good selection of meditation music. Some CDs may simply be a compilation of harmonious sounds. Others may contain spoken wo rds that guide you towards meditation.

Today, the world of meditation music has expanded so much that you can even purchase meditation music CDs that work specifically to release past hurts by combining guided imagery with positive affirmations. Meditation music sometimes forms a part of a complete musical therapy session.

The reason why experts recommend the use of music to induce meditation is clear. When you are new to the process of meditation, it is difficult for you to reach that state of acute inner consciousness. Music can easily guide you to that profound meditative state. It can make you feel one with the universe and guide your soul away from that which is commonplace to that which is transcendental.

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