Why has yoga been gaining popularity?

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Why has yoga been gaining popularity?It not only is yoga culture’s unique charm, but also becomes one of the most natural and most amiable of practice. It is suitable for any age and gender of people to practice. Let us reveal the yoga’s “mystery” of the veil, to approaching yoga’s, contact yoga, yoga’s sentiment, enjoy yoga.What is the role of yoga?1. Condition physical, reach equilibriumYoga stressed that the body is a large system, and the system consists of several components, so keep each part in the good state in order to have healthy body. Yoga uses asana, pranayama and other methods to adjust the physiology of various organs, to achieve the purpose of the physical body.2. Eliminate stress, calm the heartYoga uses full breathing, meditation and a variety of asana, regulating the nervous system, to eliminate the tension.3. Spiritual cultivation, great virtueYoga advocates a healthy moral attitude to life, and let you naturally get rid of these bad habits, like smoking, drinking. By constant self-transcendence, make you full of confidence.4. Special exercises, special effectsYoga has very good effect for the symptoms of weight loss disorders, insomnia, anxiety and arthritis.5. Practice yoga for more than three years, because if it has been persistent, it will dissolve yoga into the bones. For example, most people are hunched sitting, people who practice yoga will often straight back, there is the temperament to be better than the common people.

Benefits for woman practicing yoga:First: yoga optimized shape and cultivation. Yoga can be corrected spinal deformation caused by excessive fatigue or poor posture, can improve bad posture, enhance self – confidence, thrust muscular system, make the body beautiful lines, and anti-obesity, enhance self-healing power, prevent various diseases such as: migraine headaches, insomnia, constipation, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, etc.Second: yoga can keep the heart decompression. Yoga can help to improve the ability to concentrate, relieve tension , alleviate depression, eliminate the psychological barriers, restore inner peace and tranquility, to make the mentality of people in good health.Third: yoga can Condition beauty. . yoga by pushing, pulling, twisting, squeezing, stretching, and other gestures to play a role of self-massage of internal organs, strengthen the physiological function, endocrine regulation, metabolism more favorable to the human body, anti-aging, remain forever beautiful face.Care skin for practicing yoga:When you are done upside down, tuck and other difficult yoga, do you pay attention whether the yuga’s mat which is intimate contact with the skin is clean? According to Taiwan’s Minsheng Daily News report, the majority of yoga mat of the gym public did not disinfect regularly, and is easy to filth and breeding of bacteria, make skin infection.Some might say that he used the public practice yoga mat, and did not feel unwell. It is actually quite simple, the bacteria in the unclean yoga mat infects the human body, and it will not immediately face the disease, and hidden in the skin surface for a long time, Once the body weakened immunity, it would be attacked, resulting in a variety of infectious skin diseases. No-cleaning yoga mats are likely in possession of bacteria, fungi and dust mites, etc. Bacteria can cause folliculitis, fungus prone to cause tinea, athlete’s foot, and one of the greatest physical threat for dust mites to allergic is causing allergic dermatitis and asthma.

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