Why meditation is good?

Article by Baaltazar Shanton

Jiddu Krishnamurti(writer and speaker on philosophical and spiritual subjects) once said, “Man, in order to escape his conflicts, has invented many forms of meditation. These have been based on desire, will, and the urge for achievement, and imply conflict and a struggle to arrive. This conscious, deliberate striving is always within the limits of a conditioned mind, and in this there is no freedom. All effort to meditate is the denial of meditation. Meditation is the ending of thought. It is only then that there is a different dimension which is beyond time.”

So you have heard about meditation. But what is meditation exactly? Why is it good?

– Meditation can cease psychosomatic illnesses – It can resolve the mental barricade that is responsible for sorrow and unhappiness- Meditation creates harmony, brings balance to your life and gives inner peace- It can increase your awareness about life, goals, other people and happiness- Makes you look younger- Lowers bloodpressure

What is the goal of meditation?

– Releasing stress- Easing the mind- Creating a state where you are free and happy

The advantage of meditationThe biggest advantage of meditation – especially breathing meditation – that you can do that anytime, anywhere. Even at your workplace, before an important meeting, on the street, in a traffic jam, etc.

Physiological effects

– If you live a stressful and busy life your brain produces more electrical tension – the problem of our era: the headache arises. Meditation reduces significantly the electrical tension in our brain, so it can rest for a few minutes and heal itself. You will feel much alive, clean and fresh after a few minutes of relaxation.

– Research shows that during sleeping and meditation also metabolism slows down. Metabolism indicates the inner balance of your body. If it’s slow then it needs more time to ocnvert the food into energy therefore using less oxigen.

– The deep and real relaxation ac tivates the healing power of the body which starts certain processes that make you look younger. The metabolism slows down so the body can focus on healing and renewing itself.

– During sleeping our metabolism slows down by 8% after 4-5 hours. When you meditate you it slows down by 20% in just half an hour therefore it gives you quality resting. Warning: meditation cannot substitute sleeping

– Stress contracts the vein walls and that causes high bloodpressure. Meditation eases up the veins and creates better way for the bloodflow.

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Baaltazar Shanton is a curious adventurer, wandering around the world to be a better person. If you are interested in health and especially meditation check out his personal site: Meditation Techniques For Beginners.

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