Why Yoga Teachet Training is Important for Yoga Teachers

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A comprehensive Yoga teacher training program will cover far more than just Yoga poses. A comprehensive program will definitely cover the philosophical tenets underlying all of the Yoga practices. It will also clarify the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of a regular Yoga practice.Once you begin teaching on a regular basis, you may find yourself being asked questions you can’t answer, or wanting to make adjustments you are unsure of. In addition, as your personal practice grows a longing for deeper understanding and knowledge often arises.30 day yoga teacher training programs give you over a full year’s training condensed into an intensive one month program. While this is a lot to learn in a short amount of time, the experience is highly rewarding for many who have attended.Then one day, while in your final shavasana, your teacher says, “We’re offering a 200 hour level Teacher Training course next month.” Eureka The answer to what feels like all of life’s questions ironically comes to you in corpse pose. But the answer of “Yoga Training” only leads to more questions. I will attempt to answer some of these questions for you.Look for a yoga teacher training program that feels like a natural fit for you. Do they practice the type of yoga that you are interested in? Since there are so many types of specialized yoga techniques, see which one your training program offers.They accomplish this goal by maintaining a national Teachers’ Registry that keeps track of all the teachers that meet their standard. Teachers who meet the standard are allowed to use the “RYT” (Registered Yoga Teacher) symbol on their business cards and logos.There are many different styles of yoga and with each style comes a different yoga teacher training. Most styles are under the Hatha Yoga umbrella of, which is essentially yoga for health of the body. Most people say they practice Hatha Yoga as if it were differentiating their physical yoga practiceIf yoga is your passion and if you have been practicing yoga regularly for the past few years, you may feel that you would like to complete a yoga teacher training course. If you have the real zeal for learning and dedication towards yoga then you can surely become a professional yoga teacher.There are many variations of Yoga and Hot Yoga is just another style of yoga developed by the renowned Yogi, Bkram Choudhury, who has designed his variation of yoga where by a class are practices Yoga in heated room with temperatures of up to 40.5c or 105f.A good training program will primarily aim to increase the yogic knowledge of the trainees to enable them to teach or instruct about hatha or posture styles to fresh students that will motivate and inspire those students, which implies that the classes are helping the participants to grow and blossom individually.

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