Yoga, A Way Of Life

Article by Noel Halpin

Yoga as a way of life For most people yoga conjures up thoughts of people in tangled body bending shapes. The most famous position of these is most likely to be the image of a person sitting in the lotus position emanating a total peace with themselves and the world.

The word yoga can actually be translated as “union” or more defined as ” joining strands of the mind together”. So this image of the person practicing yoga in any body shape is most likely to be true, that they are at peace and exploring their inner self.

The ultimate goal of any yoga practitioner is to gain the ability to focus the mind on one single point or thought without allowing any distraction interfere with their transcendence into their innermost peace.

Yoga is a total physical discipline because it uses the body and breathing to develop self awareness. This self awareness brings great self confidence because every movement is a step nearer the ultimate goal of perfect well being and peace.

In the modern western world people are obsessed with beauty and body perfection. There are millions of dollars and pounds spent on every type of known cream and tonic that promise a more youthful skin, a vibrant complexion, a wrinkle free face, and so on, and on the list goes. Anyway you know what I mean, I could go on, but I will stop now and leave the rest to your imagination.

You also know none of these treatments work in the way they are portrayed to do what they say. True beauty and perfection comes from within the person, not from creams and the like. If one achieves inner peace with themselves then everything else in the world is beautiful, including oneself. This is the only true way to achieve a, better complexion, a wrinkle free body, a love of yourself. This is what one achieves from practicing yoga. Yoga delivers on it’s promise.

Yoga is not just for pop stars, super models, film stars, yoga is for everyone, young old, male or female, Healthy or sick, there are no boundaries to who can part ake in i t.

Yoga can always be adapted to suit one’s individual needs, regardless of ones circumstances. If you are facing major or small challenges in your life, you will find instant relief from stress and depression. Furthermore once you begin the practice and continue doing it regularly it will help you to live your life with more enthusiasm and confidence. Start your new path now.

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As a black belt third degree master of Kenpo Karate, I would like to say that Yoga has been my inspiration and guide through all my active sports life. I am now getting on in years, but I would not go one day without practicing my yoga combined with my karate katas.It is never too late to change your way of life. Do it now. Find your real self, CLICK BELOW NOW.

Power Yoga – Back Bending with Grace In this advanced vinyasa yoga practice, Nico Luce flows through long, flowing yoga pose sequences and a series of blissful, heart opening back bends. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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