Yoga and Back Pain Part 2

Article by Glen Wood – The Yoga Teacher

Although back pain is often caused by an injury to one or more of the structures of the back, it may have another cause. Factors that increase your risk for back pain and injury include getting older, having a family history of back pain, sitting for long periods, lifting or pulling heavy objects, or having a degenerative disease such as osteoporosis. Chronic pain syndrome caused by a previous injury or degenerative disease with aging can cause back pain. Many problems in the neck resulting from injury, recurring work strain, stress, and possibly joint degeneration can lead to head pain. Sudden back pain is characterized by: pain which lasts less than a month and half swelling and/or bruising in the area of injury.


Thai or yoga massage, physiotherapy or spinal therapy treatment for this type of back injury usually give good results and can reduce recovery time and prevent ongoing problems. Injuries such as sprains and fractures, mechanical problems including muscle spasms and imbalance and herniated discs, various acquired conditions of the spine including osteoporosis and rarely, infections and tumours may all give rise to back pain.

Still other studies have found that problems in the cervical spine can cause pain similar to headache. Walking and other cardiovascular exercises have been found to reduce and/or alleviate chronic pain problems, including a tension headache. Whether resulting from a severe or minor injury or daily wear and tear, most people will suffer from back problems at some point in their lives.

Work comfort and design will help most back problems that occur in the workplace which are caused by physical stress, such as being in an awkward position for a long time, making the same motions over and over, and simply using your back too much. Back pain is one of the most common medical problems, which will affect about eight out of 10 people at some point during their lives.


Medical reports on yoga. Many doctors are now verif ying tha t yoga is beneficial in treating a number of health problems, including back pain. Until recently headaches were largely considered a nuisance by the medical community and many other health care providers. Headaches are one of the most common reasons that people seek both medical and body work or chiropractic treatment. Because of their greater flexibility and lack of age related degeneration, children and teenagers are much less prone than adults to develop medically significant back pain.

In spite of the magnitude of the problem, a simple, effective cure for backache has proved elusive to modern medical science other than yoga. With a burning sensation of shoulder pain, desk bound and computer users may suffer from back pain on different sides of the body.

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