Yoga and Back Pain Part 4

Article by Glen Wood – The Yoga Teacher


One of the major concerns with acute back pain injuries is the prevention of the injury becoming a long term one, with all the individual, social and healthcare costs that chronic conditions incur.

By setting up a programme of regular yoga practice your body will get stronger, more flexible and your immune system will be enhanced. You will feel better as the endorphins kick in.

How much pain do you need to go through before you say “I have had enough of this pain, I am now going to change the way I am doing things to make my life better”? Or you have a “aha” moment when you see the light coming on which makes sense to you and you will change. It is usually the former; we get into our comfort zones (although it may be painful) and are reluctant to change until we have had enough.

The dividends and benefits are numerous, so mush so that care homes and the like have introduced some form of exercise (yoga) to help the elderly. Much research has shown that when the elderly have a fall their recovery is much quicker when practicing yoga. Their quality of life seems to be better as well.

Yoga is a way of exercising your body, healing your body, meditating, relaxing your mind, re-connecting with the universe, and yourself. Yoga is the best thing in the world for aging bodies. Yoga is not about how flexible you are; it is about stretching your body and spine.

A complete science, Yoga is a way of life, an integrated education system that teaches the mind, body and inner spirit to coexist in harmony, originating in India, it’s teachings can be traced back to over 5,000 thousand years ago. “Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are. In simple terms, however, Yoga is best thought of as a system for improving the holistic wellbeing of an individual.

It is important to note that although it evolved in the Hindu society of India, Yoga is not a religious system and can be practiced without compromising your specif ic relig ious beliefs (or indeed without any religious belief whatsoever). Any Yoga is better than no Yoga, and 20 to 30 minutes a day is better than 90 minutes once a week. I believe that yoga is for everyone and it is my goal to pass on the ancient knowledge of yoga to my students, so they can experience the true spirit of yoga and begin to integrate some of this wisdom into their lives.

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Glen Wood – The Yoga Teacher. Glen is a yoga expert who loves to teach you how to lose your neck, shoulder or back pain with yoga. He is dedicated to unlocking the Real Secrets of Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain.

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