Yoga Blocks


by Brett Pullen

It is essential in the art of practicing yoga to use a yoga block. Yoga blocks are for allowing more comfort during practice and all the while straightening and lengthening your back. Yoga blocks are not only for novices and inflexible people. Yoga blocks are great even for more experienced people practicing yoga because they will know more positions and meditation techniques for their yoga brick. Some very extreme and difficult yoga poses require a block as an arm extension.Lets now cover all the way you can put your trusty yoga block to good use. Yoga blocks are great for balancing and at times act as an arm extension during poses on one foot. Full Moon Pose is a great pose where you can use your block. Although ardha chandrasana pose (Full Moon Pose) does not require a block, it can help build confidence when your trying to improve. Yoga is a great exercise for improving core strength

Some people need a yoga block during meditation. Their hips are often so inflexible that their legs can not properly lay flat while sitting cross legged. By using a block underneath your seat it allows your hips to lay more comfortably and preventing your back from aching. The extra few inches underneath your body makes it much more comfortable. People usually claim that the yoga block allows them to sit for longer periods of time maximize their yoga workout. Good poses with a yoga block are easy pose, hero pose, and spread leg forward fold. Mediation is great for clearing your mind and if a yoga block can assist that effort than why not use one.

Everyone who does yoga needs a yoga block so make that the first yoga accessory you buy. Yoga blocks are great for gaging and increasing your overall flexibility. Try using your yoga block to help perfect the sun salutation pose. First put the block in between your thighs and flex inward and upward lifting the yoga block just slightly while tightening your core and trying to lengthen your back. Yoga teachers often use a yoga block to show their students how to do a proper sun salutation.

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