Yoga Causes Back Pain

Article by Henry Moss

Ancient mystics did not develop the disciplines, practices, and spiritual blah-dee for the sake of studying the cute college coeds at the gym. In fact, if you would get off the weight machines and actually try yoga, you immediately would develop appreciation and admiration for its difficulty. In fact, if you would try yoga, you would discover that the soccer moms and coeds have strong, flexible muscles and cardiovascular fitness you barely can begin to imagine. Stress is usually a mental pressure exerted due to fatigue or excessive work. It is also caused from worrying about the work or happenings in the past, present or future. Suppose there is a businessmen exporting his products to several countries, his business is doing fine and growing but somehow a situation comes and he finds his business on decline though there might be some cause for this and it could be short lived making his business to bloom once again, but within this short span the person develops stress which may lead to severe mental hazards.In the modern world we face stress in every sphere and every step of our life, whether we are in schools, colleges, offices etc. Students face stress due to exams, serviceman face stress due to huge pile of pending work etc. As a result people often practice medications like taking sedatives, narcotics and tranquilizers (medicines to cure anxiety) which calm the mind but in future it creates serious other maladies.But still there is a therapy which is purely natural and is considered to be the best weapon against stress and that is “YOGA”. Yoga is the ancient mantra for sound health and also to retain juvenility to a great extent. It has been practiced by several Rishi-Munis in ancient India and now has become a major concern among the modern genre too.So back to stress management, Yoga provides a unique way of managing stress through Prayanama (A breathing technique), in this technique an individual do slow and steady breathing – like inhaling through his one nostril and exhaling through oth er. Besi des there are fast breathing movements like intake of air through nostrils and exhaling through mouth at fast pace, this way air is passed properly through blood capillaries and the person feels himself / herself in light mode i.e. he / she feels that there is no burden over their mind and soul.It is possible that you may have some minor muscle stiffness if you do not usually practice yoga, but it should not be anything more than this. Any pain or worsening of your back pain or any new pain means you should stop immediately. If yoga does not work for you then it doesn’t work – it is as simple as that. Find something else like Pilates or swimming. I go caving and walking and riding too, but would not risk damaging my back again practicing yoga.Yoga, in my opinion, is for people without any back problems. It can prevent injury, but it will not cure it.he / she feels that there is no burden over their mind and soul.Dhyana (Meditation) is also a good method of controlling stress, in this part of Yoga a person sits in a posture (usually in relaxing mode) and concentrate his / her mind over one point with eyes closed.

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