Yoga – Emerging new treatment for Weight Loss

Article by Goddie Pearson

Practicing yoga has become an integral part of our lives. Yoga not only helps us to achieve a healthy body but also helps in reducing stress, toning our muscles and improving our overall physical and mental well being. Individuals are now starting to discover whether regular practice of yoga can help in reducing weight.

Being an ancient Indian meditative practice, people have been using this art since ages for fat reduction and controlling weight. Though a person needs to put in a lot of efforts if wanting to reduce weight through yoga as it is a slow and continuous process, it is sans any side effects. Yogic practices influence bodily metabolisms by acting upon hormonal secretions taking place in the body.

How can yoga help in reducing weight?

Yoga is considered as one of the best ways to get rid of your extra weight as it has no side effects. It simply balances your weight in line with your lifestyle and height. Yoga is simple and an extremely effective exercise to lose weight.

Yoga involves deep breathing, this leads to increased intake of oxygen to the cells of the body. Fat cells usually burn when in contact with oxygen. As yoga is a mind and body exercise, an individual can potentially overcome anxiety by practicing yoga. Anxiety is one of the key reasons for overeating. Few yoga asanas aid in weight control by stimulating thyroid glands to increase their hormonal secretions, thereby reducing weight.

You can build strength by practicing any kind of yoga but many of its type will not actually contribute in weight loss as they will not increase your heart rate enough and are just meant to relax you. For losing weight, it is important that you eat healthy food and burn calories through exercises that increase your heart rate regularly. For example, Iyengar yoga will help you improve your posture and build strong muscles but will not give you cardio workout essential to lose weight.

Yoga techniques that can hel p in wei ght reduction:

Pranayama: These are breathing exercises that have been proven to have a positive impact when comes to reducing weight. The pranayama techniques tend to be very useful in weight loss as it stimulates abdominal muscles helping you to burn those extra calories. Few pranayams that you should practice on a regular basis are:

– Kapalabhati Pranayama

– Bhastrika Pranayama

– Agnisar Kriya

– Ujjayi Pranayama

Kapalabhati Pranayama is considered to be the best one to reduce weight. Practice this pranayama daily for five minutes in the morning on empty stomach to get the best results.

* Yoga Asanas: There are different types of yoga that you can practice to reduce weight. They include Suryanamaskar, Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga, Bikram yoga. Suryanamaskar or sun salutations are the best kind to reduce weight. It also takes less time to perform them. You need to however take guidance from a trained teacher and practice it on a regular basis to get best results. Few yoga postures that can help you to reduce weight include:

– Chakra padasana – rotation of leg

– Trikonasana (Triangle pose)

– Dhunurasana (Bow pose)

– Uddiyana – Abdominal Lock

– Sarpasana (Snake pose)

– Dwichakrikasan – rolling of leg

– Halasana (good for people having thyroid problems)

– Paschimottanasana

– Ardhasarvangasana

– Uttanasana

– Ardhakapotasana

– Virabhadrasana

You should practice yoga under the supervision of experts. You can learn certain basic postures by searching on the net or through DVDs. If you are determined to reduce weight through yoga you have to be particular about your exercise regime. Yoga practices can show results only if performed regularly. Yoga will not only help you in reducing weight but also will make you feel happier and make your body flexible and attractive.

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Its an advanced Yoga. I have not seen in India doing this yoga. Its a unique pose. Don’t try without a guide.

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