Yoga for high blood pressure

Article by Gordon Cameron

Yoga is an ancient practice with its foundation built on the joining of the body, mind and spirit. To heal one is to heal all.

Yoga uses a variety of stretching positions to align, center and ground the physical body while allowing the mind to achieve balance and the spirit to be up lifted and lightened.

Yoga has been used for hundreds of years to treat many diseases and conditions. Yoga can and has resulted in a lower blood pressure for many individuals. The benefit of yoga’s healing powers lies within the combining of all three components of the body, mind and spirit. When they are all in sync with one another, they become one entity instead of three separate ones. Allowing for healing to be received and accepted.

Learning Yoga

Yoga looks difficult to learn however, it is not so much about how you twist your body in to a pretzel shape but the state of mind in which you enter in to while your body is twisted in to the shape of a pretzel. There are several styles of yoga and all provide the same healing benefits.

For a beginner, who is trying yoga for blood pressure treatment, I would suggest the Hatha Style. It is most commonly practiced by beginners. The poses are gentle and easy on the body. As well as the stretching each class ( or session if you are doing yoga at home with the assistance of a DVD) starts with a mediation session. The breathing techniques used in yoga are also beneficial to the body as the breathing patterns are designed to promote relaxation.

The yoga poses you will be introduced to when you learn yoga are fairly simple to do, the child pose (lay face down with knees tucked under your upper body while doing relaxation breathing) and the wind releasing pose (bring one knee up to your chin and hold) as well as the mountain pose (simple standing pose) are all level one yoga poses that anyone can do.

Many yoga classes end with the corpse pose, which is where you lie on the floor in a totally relaxed state as if you were a corpse it is a ver y powerful pose for relaxation. If you take a yoga class, you can expect soft lighting, music and aromatherapy scents to promote relaxation.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure with Yoga

Yoga lowers high blood pressure through the simple techniques of learning to relax by deep and correct breathing. Most people do not breath properly because we breath from our chest not our lower diaphragm, which is where breathing is suppose to start. Yoga teaches not only the correct way to breathe but also different types of breathing techniques – all of which is excellent if your aim is to lower your BP level.

Relaxation is learned through yoga in several ways and meditation is one of the most important. The ability to meditate is one that everyone possess and while it may be hard for some to quiet their rambling minds long enough to achieve a true meditative state with practice it can be done.

If you really want to lower your blood pressure through yoga, you must practice it daily. It only takes 15 minutes a day for a quick session and you must also learn to relax and let all of your stress go. Be patient with yourself it may take a little time but ultimately yoga will win you over and lower your bp level at the same time.

Hypertension is in part a condition of your mind since without doubt stress plays a part in it. Once you learn to control your mind, you will be able to control your blood pressure

About the Author

Gordon Cameron is a family doctor and blood pressure specialist based in Scotland. He often writes about high blood pressure treatment and about the problems with low blood pressure that some of us experience

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