Yoga for Workaholics

Article by Glen Wood – The Yoga Teacher

Most people perceive Yoga as a difficult and time-consuming activity. On the contrary, Yoga, when understood, is considerably easy to follow. Also, following its routines won’t take up a lot of time, unless you have to go to a Yoga class to work out. So, it’s an advantage to know the routines yourself. A few hours a day of Yoga yields so many benefits, not only for the body, but for the mind as well. For those people who are always on-the-go and working several hours a day, Yoga is very useful, since its main effect is to soothe tired muscles and ease the exhausted mind. So save time and be healthier by practicing Yoga in your home.

Learn some Yoga exercises by following these simple steps:

Prepare a pair of socks. Put a pebble (at most half a pound in weight) in each and tie them together.

Sit on a chair and enfold your ankle with the tied socks. Don’t forget to sit up straight. Begin by exhaling and inhaling gradually. Move your leg upwards, making it in a horizontal line with your thigh, then shift to your original position. Repeat the upward and downward movement of the leg. Continue breathing slowly while doing the routine.

That was just the warm-up of the exercise. Carry on doing it and make a dozen or so leg movements. When you feel you are ready for more complicated ones, try to refine the routine by slowly moving the heel away from your body. Then, turn your toes towards you with the knee pulled up gently. With a few hours of doing this routine everyday, you’re sure to keep your leg and knees in top shape. Knee and leg pains can also be prevented. In addition, this routine can aid for the speedy recovery of injured knees. It can also be a preparation technique for knees that will undergo a surgery.

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