Yoga: Meditation and exercise

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Yoga is a traditional physical and mental exercise in the Indian origin. The same word is used in other religions such as Buddhism and Jainism in association with different physical exercises. Yoga is a word derived from the Sanskrit language meaning contemplation. A yoga practitioner or follower at a high level is called a Yogi.

Yoga is an exercise which is divided into three different classes. These are hatha yoga, power yoga and bikram yoga. Hatha yoga is the most popular style of yoga being practiced by a majority of people throughout the world. Power yoga is an enhanced form of yoga including somewhat aerobic style. The third type is less used and its use is to increase detoxification by performing yoga in some heated room.

Some more types of yoga are iyenger and ashtanga yoga designed for aerobic and conscious fitness person.

Start yoga with stretching to warm up your body but make sure you don’t eat for two hours before practice. Chose a simple pose like lotus pose for beginning. In this pose you have to put your feet on top of your thighs. If this is too difficult then get into half lotus pose in which you just have to put your legs in a cross and sit. Another easy pose is a peaceful pose. In this pose you just have to lie down and take deep breaths to make you calm. Other poses for stress-relieve and mind peace include the Cat and Cow pose in which you put knees on ground and curl head into your chest. Yoga is all about practice, so keep practicing until it gets fine.

Regular practitioners have a certain special thing about them. They are mostly happy, active and remain healthy. This is the glow of yoga which is really beneficial for everyone, whether it is practitioner or someone around them. Their happiness and liveliness produces the same in people in their surroundings.

To achieve the best out of yoga some simple steps and exercises can be done. These are some tips to give you an easy start without fatigue and a happy end. One accessory for your ease is a yoga s trip.

A yoga strip helps you to get into the toughest positions of yoga quiet comfortably in which you require a lot of flexibility which unfortunately, you don’t have. It can be used to connect both the arms together and in many other positions. Another accessory for ease in yoga is Bolsters. They are long pillows filled with cotton. The purpose of bolsters is to give a support to your tummy and back while you are practicing yoga. There are certain bolsters in different shapes which can help you get into pose that requires a lot of strength. They can also be used as a support for your knees while you rest.

A number of verified courses in yoga are offered in different organizations which help you to keep yourself mentally and physically fit. Other than this some yoga courses are also offered on the internet.

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