Yoga Targets Total Wellbeing

Article by Linda Adams

You sometimes get asked about your yoga devotion and what yoga really is for. The resurgence of Yoga as a personal activity is due to its total approach to good health. However, we must always take note that the true purpose of Yoga is to put a stop to anguish in this life. Yoga is a program wherein a practitioner is free to establish an aware and deliberate method.

Yoga fills a practitioner with total control (over one’s self). It’s a wonderful dream to be able to put a stop to anguish and pain in the world; however, time has shown that people seem to always come up with new ways of self-abuse.

The various styles of Yoga are unique in themselves. They have one thing in common, though, the pursuit of total health. There is no such thing as the best style because all the courses of Yoga are directed to improvement of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.

Having blinders on while looking at the styles of yoga will make one feel compelled to sort, prioritize and judge each style and aspect of Yoga. Actually, this is not a rare occurrence, from an untrained mind and narrow comprehension.

With that kind of mindset, just short of ignorance, it is highly probable to fail to be aware of Yoga in its totality. It is not quite improbable that a newbie to Yoga would develop discipline unguided by a Yoga teacher.

It is highly unlikely for an untrained “monkey mind” to learn discipline without knowledge and use of Pranayama (Yoga’s breathing techniques), meditation and mantra (called japa). Anyone can embark on a program of Yoga by himself or herself, but this is not a holistic style.

A beginner to Yoga will not be able to rise above the surface features of Yoga freely. To promote Yoga needs to put it on exhibit. Yet, the sight of a higher form of asana or posture just serves to scare off the public.

The Western world’s image of a Yoga instructor is emaciatedly thin, young, exceedingly pliant, muscular and physically endowed. This is also the same view of the ” ignorant” public. Even Hatha Yoga students. There are even Yoga instructors with a perspective of Yoga limited to a purely physical recreation, akin to gymnastics.

One Yoga lecturer was asked as to the most important physical style of Yoga, to which he replied with the Pranayama.He immediately added that there is a lot more to Yoga than just physical activity. Still, the ensuing long explanation on the matter seemed to fall on uncomprehending ears because another opinion was expressed, on the Headstand (Salamba sirsasana) being the most important characteristic of Yoga.

It turned out that that member of the audience hadn’t ever taken any Yoga class at all, because of a fear of having to perform the headstand.

It is very important for Yoga instructors, practitioners and advocates to explain and promote the total health benefits from a consistent performance of Yoga. If not, then the “ignorant” public would just increase in number with their misguided and untrained notions of Yoga.

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