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Why become a yoga instructor?Becoming a yoga instructor or teacher in your own community is one of the several ways of giving service or providing a service that benefits everyone.So the question that I asked myself, almost 20 years ago, and you may ask it of yourself is:”What are you going to do when you are finished with working, or when work has finished with you?”My answer came by way of a yoga retreat where I met my yoga instructor with whom I trained for over 3 years to obtain my Yoga Alliance YA-500Hrs qualification.There are 2 points worth noting in your own life:1. We know that the average age in the UK and Europe is 84 Years for Women and 81 Years for Men. That is the average. So even on normal retirement age, there will be anywhere between 15 to 40 years of living to be had. What is going to be the quality of your life in retirement?

2. Apart from a fair salary, what other satisfaction do you get out of the job or the service that you give at the moment?In my case this second question became the most important. I had arrived at that stage in life where I really didn’t like my job. It paid well but there was no other satisfaction.Anyone can become a Yoga Teacher or Instructor. Yes it does require some yoga background but essentially any person, regardless of what they are doing now, can train and become a yoga instructor / teacher.Here again the important factor is WHY? Why become a yoga instructor?

Why not take a few minutes and consider the following. And this is very much my case:I have the freedom to earn by doing something I really enjoyed. I have the opportunity to provide a service to my students that gives them a good feeling of their own good health. It is the most satisfactory business that I have ever been involved with. Although I have had to adjust my life-style, it is a wonderful way of making a living. I know that if I had not made the life-style changes that yoga has brought in to my life, my own health and condition of my body and mind would have deteriorat ed. As a yoga teacher I get the opportunity to empower my students to do all that Yoga can afford to reach to a satisfactory life-style.As a business, it is one of the finest opportunities. It is understood that, in any community, only between half and 3 percent of the population ever practice yoga. This ancient art of self-healing is just not on everyone’s radar. So the opportunity is the vast market of the rest of the population that knows, understands, and are also aware that Yoga is something that will give them good health and a quiet mind.My personal definition of happiness is: “good health and a quiet mind”.So the answer to the question is……Why not become a yoga instructor and take this discipline and this science of Yoga in to local halls, colleges, schools, offices, sports centres as well as retreats in exotic places. Possibilities of extending and enjoying your own life are endless.

What a Yoga Teacher Course Involves

Our yoga teacher course aims to provide a framework for our students with which they can open and run their own Yoga classes. We provide yoga teacher courses for people who wish to make Yoga philospophy part of their life and also wish to take up Yoga teaching as a career.

Yoga is a discipline of mind, body and soul. To fully benefit from the training programme attendees should:Be ready to adapt to the enviornment, and be willing to work intensively and absorb the teachings of the courseBe in good mental and physical healthPrior knowledge of Yoga is not necessarily required, more important is an open mind and an eagerness to learn.

Our yoga teacher course aims to provide sufficient knowledge, techniques, information and confidence to become a good Yoga teacher. If you require any other or more information regarding yoga instructor training then please feel free to contact Sam at Sam Rao Yoga.

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course Content

Our yoga teacher training is conducted in the UK.

What you will learn from this course:You will learn through e xpanding your personal practice and your relationship with yoga. Sam Rao and his teachers will undertake to develop your skills to teach yoga, with confidence and you will learn:

Yoga postures (asanas), yoga philosophy, the principals on which yoga is based, Patanjaliʼs yoga sutras and the 8 limbs of yoga.

Pranayama/Meditation. Breathing techniques, its uses and benefits. Developing personal meditation, and learning to guide others.

Anatomy and Physiology in its scientific form and what is relevant to our modern day life-styles. Plus energy systems – chakras, nadis, meridians and how to use Hatha yoga for better health.

Yoga styles. You will learn some of the main styles of yoga, from various visiting teachers, although we will stay focused on Hatha Yoga.

Teaching practice. By teaching yoga postures from the first day of your training. You will build up, over the course, your confidence and your own teaching style through observations, assisting in classes and Samʼs teaching guidance.

Special Module. Teaching yoga to men. Postures, Physiology and understanding the need to use facts and statistics to teach men.

Business How to run a yoga business, professional standards, insurance, simple book-keeping and managing your accounts. Simple and practical.

For more information about yoga teacher training in the UK with Sam Rao Yoga, please view the course details below.

Yoga Teacher Training Course Itinerary and CostsThe yoga teacher training courses are held over 10 week-ends (minimum of 10 months and a maximum of 18 months).

The planned dates are as follows:

2011Sep 3rd & 4th Oct 8th & 9thNov 19th & 20thDec 3rd & 4th

2012Jan 14th & 15th Feb 18th & 19thMar 24th & 25thApr 28th & 29thMay 19th & 20thJun 23rd & 24th

(your assessment will be on your 10th weekend)

Yoga Teacher Training Courses Costs:

£4,000 for YA200Hrs qualification.

Deposit : Payable at time of registration £500.Ba lance : £350 per month for 10 payments.

Breakfast, Lunch and Tea included.

Week-end accommodation is NOT included on our yoga teacher training courses, However, local B&B information will be provided.

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Sam Rao yoga’s yoga teacher course is conducted in UK. For more information regarding yoga instructor training, please feel free to contact Sam at Sam Rao Yoga.

Yoga Breathing for beginners presents a basic beginners yoga breathing routine a great start for any yoga class to centre the mind . Basic Pranayama is good for alot of aspect of yoga. The simple act of learning to control the breath has a number of beneficial effects on your wellbeing, ranging from increasing your energy, to improved relaxation into sleep. It purifies the body by flushing away the gaseous by products of metabolism and will also help you to remain calm in the face of the challenges that we encounter in our everyday lives. By harnessing the power of the breath the mind can be stilled and can be prepared for your Yoga practise.

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