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Divine Light is Yoga Studio for Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver which gives you a solid foundation, enough knowledge of Yoga for a lifetime of practice and the skills necessary to pass these teachings on to others. Nakul Kapur is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher for Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver.The Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver is a tool to transform your life and your world. Teaching yoga is icing on the cake. You want a meaningful life. To help many people feel good. You can support yourself financially teaching if you stick to it, develop yourself continually (never stop learning), evolve, become valuable.Yoga Teacher Training includes a proper grounding in asana, pranayama and meditation and special yogic techniques. A yoga teacher training program is for yoga learners who want to become Yoga Teachers. He did this not only with the vision to develop yoga professionals, but also to give sincere aspirants the skills of personal discipline and to develop messengers of peace. The Course is a profound, personal experience, based on the ancient teaching system, integrating the student’s daily life into the yoga training. By the end of the course the student will possess a firm foundation for teaching others, in addition to strengthening his or her own yoga practice with self-discipline and awareness of the nature of body, mind and spirit. Upon graduation from the course, students receive a certificate of qualification.Each state has a different method for certification for Yoga Teacher Training. You will need to get a bachelor’s degree, typically in either education or in the subject matter which you are planning to teach. Most states require advanced training of some sort and in most cases a passing grade on a certification exam. In some cases when the need is extreme, a state will institute alternative means of gaining certification.Meditation, Yoga Therapy, Sanskrit, Chanting, Anatomy, Physiology and Yoga Philosophy are part of Yoga Teacher Training program. A Certificate is granted upon satisfa ctory completion of all courses and The Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver Certificate from Divine Light is a Certified Private Educational Institute.It is the yoga of fullness that intelligently integrates Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti, Jnana and Nada Yoga to purify and harmonize all aspects of the human personality so that the light of the soul shines forth in its Divine splendour.Yoga Teacher Training program approach is deep, simple and practical and helps people from every background to live a richer, happier life based on lasting yogic values. The basic teaching is that health, peace and joy are already within you. They are your birthright. Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver helps you to uncover them.Yoga teacher training Vancouver incorporate the essence of all the different aspects of Yoga into your practice, to promote a well-balanced development. The course will give you a solid foundation, enough knowledge of Yoga for a lifetime of practice and the skills necessary to pass these teachings on to others.Yoga teacher training Vancouver is the step by step process whereby the individual comes to know his true nature as “Divine”.For more information about Yoga, visit:-

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Yoga teacher training in Vancouver. For more information about Yoga, visit Divine Light.

Phillip Askew & Lydia Walker – Variations On Surya Namaskara (Music by Jonah Rank)

Phillip Askew, yoga instructor, and Lydia Walker, formerly of the School of American Ballet, present their “Variations On Surya Namaskara” as part of Columbia Ballet Collaborative’s Fall Show at New York City Center Studio on November 22, 2008. With the improvisational accompaniment of pianist Jonah Rank. Also, see coverage of this by The New York Times at (and watch its video 6:06-6:46 for an excerpt from this piece at another venue). An alternative take of the background music (“AMEN”) can be heard and downloaded at For more information on Jonah Rank, please see www.jonahrank .com or subscribe to the monthly E-mailing list at .

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