Yoga Therapy for maintaining optimum health

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According to Dr. Georg Feuerstein, Yoga Therapy is a term of modern coinage and represents the first step to integrate traditional yogic philosophical concepts with western Psychological and medicinal practice. Yoga therapy is for natural treatment of psychological and bodily Mal-functioning of any individual. Human body is an integrated body-mind system which well health depends upon dynamic balance. This understanding is accepted by both yoga and modern medicinal approach. Many specific and long-term disease which are very difficult to cure, are nowadays easily cured via series of yoga poses. Yoga includes a wide range of physical and mental practices, from postural plus breathing exercises to deep relaxation and meditation. Yoga therapy transforms these to the health benefits of the yogi. This fulfills the goal of all-round positive health, as well as helping in correcting particular medical malfunctioning. This therapy is mostly appropriate for those chronic situations which remain stick with patients even-after a prolonged period of medicinal treatment. Yoga Therapy means the use of yoga postures, breathe exercise and pranayama to help our body naturally heal and balance itself. Certain yogic practices have been found to have specific healing qualities in addition to yoga’s inherent ability to create wellness and good health. The use of Yoga Therapy extends from creating good health, to recovering from illness. Sometimes disease-stricken body and mind is treated with success, even those considered incurable. The first step of healing includes the generation and transmission of life forces (prana) in our body system. Yogi and Patanjali which are popular in eastern yogic medicine believe that every illness involves a certain extent of energy blockage. By intensifying the flow of prana, or life force, yoga acts against those blockages, restoring our normal health condition. This also contributes to strengthen our immune power, thus playing preventive role, in addition of its curative role. Usu al appli cations for yoga therapy also serve to treat structural problems such as joint problems, dwarfism, bones misalignment, etc. Most astonishing applications of this knowledge is in the treatment of dreadful diseases like AIDS and Cancer. A person enthusiastic in adopting yoga therapy should determine the types of yoga poses, their orders and number of repetitions necessary to do for betterment of his disturbed health. The person then can start performance of sadhana on his/her own will, or learn and practice under the proper guidance of a Yoga Therapist. Then depending upon the progress of student, sadhana is updated time to time. All these above mentioned interpretation suggest you to take yoga therapy training as an additional skill to beautify your life.

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