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Yoga is primarily based on knowledge and practice. Yoga includes the theoretical foundations of any subject, as well as practical techniques to achieve different goals. Consider, for example, yoga can be a psychologist. From the ancient Greek language “psychology” is translated as the science of the soul. Does yoga teaches that we are the soul of nature? Yes, yoga is based on the understanding that we are not the body and the soul inside the body.

From the perspective of modern human psychology is the science of the mind. Here, yoga, with its variety of different psychological techniques is superior to many cutting-edge psychological techniques.

Consider, for example fashion today, the practice of visualization, or imagination, such as a method of “Silva” and other techniques based on this. In the movie “Secret” a detailed account of such visualization models of consciousness. Let’s see how all these methods are taken.

Long yoga involves the practice of visualization or imagination in the mind, the desired object. Yoga can imagine the power of mind that their body becomes easier to fluff, and they began to levitate. Yogi could have imagined in the mind of gold, and in his hand he has the gold.

For example, a person strongly wants to have a yacht or a cool car. He presents an image of the car, or boat. They are, after a while to materialize, but the person gets the object the force of his good karma and bad karma.

Have to borrow, and then work hard to repay debts and as a result together with the yacht a person gets a lot of hassle. So that work is the practice of visualization? The answer – yes, but need a lot of time to think before something to represent. Yoga everybody knows it, because it teaches yoga around.

Yoga – is the perfect practice of psychology, will satisfy those who want to understand themselves and those who want to learn how to work with the mind. But it is thanks to yoga can be avoided in the lives of so many mistakes.

Yoga teache s, for e xample, practices of contemplation and meditation, or concentration. Contemplation – is when we just observe your mind, but on anything not specifically focus and concentration – it is a deliberate concentration of his mind, a particular object.

Yoga helps, thanks to a contemplative and meditative practice, very deep cleansing and relaxation of the mind. At the initial stage of the purification of the accumulated mental stress, and then accumulates the energy of goodness.

Yoga – a perfect psychological system, which also includes a deep knowledge of the mind, its properties and how they operate. Yoga has many thousands owns these techniques. Therefore, another translation of the word yoga – it sounds like control feeling.

I hope you’re interested in learning about yoga and its possibilities, but in the descriptions of yoga, you will not find a description of the technology, which is kept secret. All of this is due to the fact that in yoga there is a private training from master to apprentice.

Yoga also refers to a teacher who realized what he had heard from his teacher and so the chain. If you want to learn the secrets of yoga, find one who has realized there is a teacher and then many of life’s mysteries will be opened to you.

All articles of our site are intended to ensure that you have formed a clear image of yoga as a multifaceted system of cultivation rights. Study, ponder, write, call, come and Study of yoga.

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